What information is needed to set up an account?

Make sure you have the following things ready before you start setting up a store / card:

  1. Company logo (or link to your website / Facebook page so we can download your logo)
  2. Phone number, company email address and facebook page (if available)
  3. Address / location of the store (maybe even google maps coordinates if you have them available)
  4. A nice image of your business or service.
  5. Stamps or points?
  6. If Stamps, How many stamps per card?
  7. Collect stamp type:
    • stamp per purchase:¬†after a purchase of an item, for example pizza, the customer will receive 1 point or stamp (or what you prefer).
    • stamp per price: receive a stamp for every 25$ (or what you prefer) spend
  8. When a card is full, what will the reward be? A discount or a nice prize?
  9. If you use a points card, you can set your rewards later. For example for 10 points you get a discount or for 100 points your get a free pizza, etc.
  10. Terms of your promotion: For example: only 1 person per table can collect stamps from a bill or only 1 stamp per day allowed and when will the promotion end.

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