Why can’t I scan a QR code?

If you can’t scan a QR code this can have several reasons:

1. Not giving permissions

A user has to give permissions for Stampwallet to access the camera. This is only to scan QR code, we can’t use the camera for anything else. If the permisson is not giving the scan area remains black and the QR will not be scanned. (you can enable camera options in settings of your phone: settings > stampwallet > camera on.)

2. QR code to dark or too light

it’s possible the QR code is in a too dark place. The white and black must be visible enough to make the scan succes. If this is not possible please move the phone a bit or replace the QR code.

It’s also possible light is shining on the QR code too much so the QR code cannot be scanned. Move the phone a bit to change.

3. Wrong QR code

When you get a popup ‘this QR code does not belong to this store’, there is something wrong with the QR code. The store either has a wrong QR code or an old version. Please make sure you update the app to the latest version and make sure the store has the latest version of the QR.

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