Why become a Stampwallet Reseller?

Become a Stampwallet App reseller! You don’t have to go through the expensive struggle of developing your own loyalty app. Stampwallet App is an off the shelf loyalty app ready for your market. Created by a development team with over 15 years of experience and launched in multiple markets and processed millions of transactions.

Be the loyalty reseller in your territory with all the accompanying benefits. You receive the sole right to distribute the Stampwallet App in your territory! A reseller agreement will be made for you that includes all terms and conditions. Licenses are available for the top 3 validated markets;


What we offer:

Multiple loyalty apps are available in the market, we know. So why would you resell Stampwallet instead of some other app? Simple! After 4 years of improving and validating the Stampwallet app in multiple foreign markets, the following benefits will be yours:


Reseller benefits
Stampwallet resellers can be found in:
  • Curaçao
  • Sweden
  • Panama
  • Colombia
  • South Africa
    South Africa
  • Ecuador
  • Canada
  • Morocco
  • Iraq
+ 6 more and counting