Reseller pricing

Every market is different, we know. That is why we want to give you the freedom to manage your own strategy including your pricing structure. Instead of using subscriptions, we offer businesses to have an ‘open door’ experience. In other words, your clients can use every feature of the Stampwallet App without any limitations.


Sales (commercial) price:

Invoicing and Payments are based on their used features and activities. You can set your own prices per feature and activity, export a ‘usage overview’ per customer based on which you will send your invoices.


Cost price:

Based on your customer’s monthly ‘usage overview’ we charge you a fee per feature and activity. These fees are based on a Tier Model resulting in lower costs for you when your customers use more features and activities.

This sales and cost price model allow you to calculate exactly your margins and break-even point. We will provide you with a financial template to calculate these. Would you be charging the same prices as us, then you already break even with 11 clients!