Why use PRO?

With PRO we minimized the time at the register. Customers will receive a stamp within 3 seconds. Everything is fully automated so you or your employees don’t have to worry about anything. You can even gain real time insights and gather transaction data.

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Features list Stampwallet PRO

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  • All the basics
  • Connect to your POS
  • Super Beacon
  • Stamp rules
  • Real time insights
  • WIFI / Ethernet connection
  • Fast delivery of points
  • Multiple promotion control
  • Control machinery
  • Stampwallet Queued
  • Raw data
  • All the basics

    With PRO you will have access to all the basics and more.

    Learn more about the basics here

  • Connect to your POS

    We developed our own hardware which enables us to connect Stampwallet PRO to every POS (register) on the market. With this hardware we capture receipt data, analyze it and give points or stamps based on rules we set together with you. For example give points per 10$. Or give points when a certain product is purchased.

    We connect our hardware using a unique connection. This is certified and we don't mess up your existing setup. We don't even mix anything. It's all plug and play.

    If you have a unique situation we can create a new version of our hardware within 30 days and hook you up after!

  • Super Beacon

    Our Super Beacon is a little computer as tiny as a cigarette package. We connect our Super Beacon to the hardware that is connected to the printer of your POS.

    Using the Super Beacon we can manage all data that we are allowed to read. You give us permission to what we may read or not.

    Our super beacon calculates how many stamps a customer needs to receive and sends it over to a phone using BLE (ibeacon) or other techniques that we keep a secret ;)

  • In the settings page of our Super Beacon you can setup stamp / point rules. A stamp rule is a setting to determine the value of stamps a customer will receive automatically after a purchase

    For example: What is the value of a stamp? Does a customer get extra stamps during a happy hour? Give stamps when a certain product is bought, etc. The possibilities are endless!

  • Real time insights

    Our super beacon is connected to the cloud so you can check analytics and insights real time! You can even change settings from all over the world using our cloud panel.

  • Wifi / Ethernet connection

    You can connect our super beacon to internet. This enables extra features like: real time insights, raw data and change settings.

    Another great thing about this settings is that your customer doesn't need internet on their phone anymore to redeem cards. It was already possible to collect stamps without internet. The difference is that you can now also redeem cards, the super beacon will check if a user really has a full card using our cloud. Which makes it super secure.

  • Fast delivery of points

    We discovered that customers must have their reward within 8 seconds, else it cost too much time and you loose revenue. So when a user has bluetooth enabled they receive a stamp within 3 seconds!

  • Multiple card control

    With Stampwallet PRO users can save on multiple cards at the same time. For example: you save in a supermarket on the supermarket card, but when you buy a product from a brand that is also participating, you will also receive a stamp on the card of that brand. This is great and unique for brands and suppliers.

  • Control Machinery

    We can connect our hardware to vending machines and machinery. Perfect to make old vending machines part of 'the internet of things'.

    You can also control machinery, this is perfect for car washes without personnel. You save per wash, but can also control the car wash when you have a full card and get a free wash!

  • Stampwallet Queued

    In a supermarket or other busy area you have a lot of customers, registers and waiting lines. It's difficult to know exaclty how to give the stamps to the correct customer from the correct register. We found solution: Stampwallet Queued.

    A user first scans a unique code, this code is connected to the POS of that register. This will open the connection for that customer and register only.

  • Raw data

    We have a beautiful analytics panel. But some clients prefer to use their own analytics program. This is possible, we can provide a unique JSON or XML feed you can use to embed in your own platform.

How to get started?

There are 2 ways to get started with Stampwallet PRO. You can can start with Stampwallet basic and upgrade to PRO later or you can contact our sales team so we can discuss all the possibilities for your business. PRO is available for every type of market and we can connect to every type of POS on the market!