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Make sure you have the following things ready before you start setting up a store / card:

  1. Company logo (or link to your website / Facebook page so we can download your logo)
  2. Phone number, company email address and facebook page (if available)
  3. Address / location of the store (maybe even google maps coordinates if you have them available)
  4. A nice image of your business or service.
  5. Stamps or points?
  6. If Stamps, How many stamps per card?
  7. Collect stamp type:
    • stamp per purchase: after a purchase of an item, for example pizza, the customer will receive 1 point or stamp (or what you prefer).
    • stamp per price: receive a stamp for every 25$ (or what you prefer) spend
  8. When a card is full, what will the reward be? A discount or a nice prize?
  9. If you use a points card, you can set your rewards later. For example for 10 points you get a discount or for 100 points your get a free pizza, etc.
  10. Terms of your promotion: For example: only 1 person per table can collect stamps from a bill or only 1 stamp per day allowed and when will the promotion end.
Category: Reseller
  • Go to manager.stampwallet.com
  • Login with your agent account details (email + password)
  • After login go to tutorials next to your email address on top of the page (right), direct link: https://manager.stampwallet.io/admin/tutorials
  • Now view all videos tutorials and learn

Please note that when you ‘act as a place’, you will see the tutorials for businesses. When you stop acting (or do not act) the tuturials are based on your agent account. This way you can easily learn how to be an agent AND how to setup a business or manage it.

Category: Reseller

We work with a Firm-Fixed-Price contract. This is a great model that allows the reseller to set its own pricing structure. We make use of a ‘open door’ platform which means that all features are available to every merchant to its full extent. They can use every feature as much as they want per month.

At the end of the month, your merchants will receive an invoice from you as a reseller based on the features used and the activity of them. Per feature you can set your own pricing. We do the same to you with fixed prices. Therefore, by having a fixed cost price from us, you can determin your own selling price per feature and each margin.

Simply said, if you would charge the same prices as we do you, so 200%, then you will break even on your license fee already after 11 merchants!

Category: Reseller

We offer reseller licences for the following 3 industries:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Beauty & Health
  • Retail

A reseller license gives a company or person the rights to sell the Stampwalet App in its territory. This territory is appointed based on the reseller’s network reach. Having a license for one or more of these industries in a market gives the right to the reseller to be the sole distributor of the Stampwallet app. In other words, no other resellers can be appointed and all accounts that derive from this industry are forwarded to the reseller.

A reseller must sell a certain amount of contracts within a certain amount of time. This is done for security reasons so that no competitors can buy off a certain region.

Category: Reseller

We work with resellers from all over the world. Resellers are persons and companies who sell the Stampwallet App in their own territory. Resellers can purchase licenses to get the rights to sell our platform.

We select our resellers carefully. We first do an interview and screening to get to know each other and learn more about your territory and business. If we think you are a good match we will offer you a license in your requested industry or industries and send you an reseller agreement. In this agreement you find rules & regulations and terms of the agreement.

Category: Reseller

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