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The things the app is asking for before an install is only because this is added by Android or Apple automatically when using certain functionalities. Sometimes these things look a bit ‘scary’, but please let us explain:

1. The phone functionality: it is only so users can call a store / location from our app. A store can add their phone number. Users can click on the phone link and call. Because of this functionality we have to add the rule like it is now, but we can never, ever use your phone. Only you can use / trigger this.

2. Access to your camera: this is only for you to use the QR scanner to receive stamps. Nothing more. We can’t even access your camera without you tapping the ‘tab to scan’ button.

3. Image gallery: this is only so you can access you gallery from our app to add or change a profile picture. Please note that we can’t do anything with your images, only when you select an image we’re allowed to use it in our app but nowhere else.

4. Bluetooth and GPS: you can decide if you want to use this. Both services improve the app experience by showing a map with your location and show nearby stores. You can turn this OFF anytime, the app will still work, but the experience is a bit different.

As you can see all points are really transparent. We completely understand your concerns so we hope it’s a bit clear now.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about this article!

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