Please find frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions, please contact our helpdesk.

Management Panel (Merchants)

Yes you can. Under your ‘Followers’ tab in your management panel, you can click the ‘save’ icon which will export a CSV file with your customers’ details.

Yes you can. Please follow these steps to create a manual transaction:

  • Login to manager.stampwallet.io with your credentials
  • Click on transactions
  • Click on the ‘+ New Transaction’ button
  • Search the user you want to make the transaction for
  • Choose the promotion for the transaction
  • Enter the amount of stamps or points the customer should receive / be taken away
  • Click on ‘Create’

You can cancel any transaction made by going to your ‘Transactions’ tab in your management panel. Please follow these steps to revert a transaction:

  • Login to manager.stampwallet.io with your credentials
  • Click on transactions
  • Search for the transaction you would like to revert
  • Click on the circular arrow symbol on the right.
  • Click on OK on the pop up.
  • The transaction is now canceled.

A coupon is a feature within Stampwallet you can use to attract new customers or to simply promote a product or service. To create a coupon, please follow these steps

  • Login to manager.stampwallet.io with your credentials
  • Click on Coupons
  • Click on the +
  • Fill in all the details
  • Save your coupon
  • Your coupon will now be available in the app.

An additional advantage of coupons is that they are not only available for your own customer base, but to all Stampwallet users in your region!

A promotion is a loyalty program within Stampwallet you want to setup.

  • Login to manager.stampwallet.io with your credentials
  • Click on promotions
  • Add promotion
  • Fill in all the details and images
  • Save your promotion

You can choose to either use the HOST feature or create ‘static’ QR codes. The host feature is found in your management panel where you can create QR codes by one click on the button. You can choose for

  1. instant QR codes: 1 scan is 1 stamp or point
  2. QR codes based on a spent amount. E.g. 10$ per stamp, customer spent 40$ then the customer receives 4 stamps by scanning the QR code
  3. QR codes based on quantity. You simply enter the amount of stamps / points the customer should receive, once the QR code has been scanned, the customer receives the stamps / points.

The advantage of the HOST feature is that there is no security risk. Every time a QR code is scanned, it disappears. Best methods to use the host feature is to have a tablet on your desk on which you run this feature.

You could also choose to create static QR codes under the ‘promotion’ tab in the management panel. These QR codes can be given a name (employee name for example) and can be printed on flyers, posters, or plastic cards. There are 4 types:

  1. Normal: these can entail a certain value (1,2,4,etc) and can be scanned unlimited times.
  2. Stamp per price: When scanned, it’ll give a pop-up on the app asking to fill in an amount. Depending on the promotion settings, it’ll give stamps based on the amount entered. For example, if the promotion would say, 1 stamp per 100 rand and you fill in 420 rand, it’ll give 4 stamps.
  3. Once: When scanned, the customer receives X amount of stamps after which the QR code is inactivated.
  4. Per user once: Every customer can scan this QR code only one time. This QR code can therefore be used for promotional purposes such as on flyers, posters, social media, etc.

Since Stampwallet 2.0 we have added a message centre to the app. Go to our management panel, click on message centre and click the + icon. You can now send a message. The message will be placed in the message center of a user in our app.

You can sent messages filtered on promotion, gender, and age. Ideal for marketing and sales!

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