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App usage

The first time you use the app you have to give access to use your camera to scan the QR codes of stores. Collecting a stamp using the QR code scanner works as followed:

Open the Quickscanner in our app (second icon on the bottom), scan any type of QR code (from stampwallet) and you are done!

OR go to the place and open the promotion and then:

  • Click collect a stamp
  • If you have multiple options click QR code reader
  • The scanner will now appear
  • Scan the QR code
  • Please note that the QR code must be visible completely and must be ‘sharp’. This works the same as your camera, you need to focus by moving the phone a bit
  • When the app reads the code the stampcard automatically will open
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It’s possible you suddenly discover a store in your wallet you didn’t add. This store has a different icon than other stores and when you open the card you see points instead of stamps.

This is a group card, an additional cool feature to save for more discounts.

When a mall or a group of stores promote Stampwallet together, you will automatically are added to a group card. When you save in store A and B of group X, you will get your normal stamps on card A and B, but also receive 2 points (or more) on card X.

With those points, you automatically save for cool extra prizes. They can change every week and will not influence the stamps on card A and B when redeeming. So extra and more prizes!

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You can share every promotion with friends or family in Stampwallet.

  • Open the place
  • Open a promotion (if there are 2 or more)
  • Click on the icon next to the trashbin on top of the screen (small icon with 2 persons).
  • Now click on add user (or click the icon again)
  • Now scan the user QR code (this QR code can be found under settings > profile > QR code
  • The user will now be added to your account and you save together (only 1 can redeem the reward).
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A promo code is a unique QR code of a business you can scan to get stamps or points for free (one time). Simply open the quickscanner in the app and scan. You will get rewarded instantly. Promo codes can often be found on flyers / posters and online.

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We added anonymous login so you can register really quick as a new user. Please note that this is only for temporary usage. You can only save a maximum of 5 stamps / points per place and cannot redeem rewards.

To finalize your account please go to setting and click create account.

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  1. Go to places
  2. Search for the place you want to follow
  3. Click on it
  4. You will see a popup with information of that place
  5. Click add stamp to wallet
  6. You now follow that store, and you can find it in your wallet
Category: App usage

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