We have created an easy to use API for developers. With this API you can create your own loyalty app, platform or implement a loyalty scheme into your existing app. You only need a stampwallet business account to retrieve a developers token. With this token you get authorization to our API and you can start creating your own cool platform.

So how does it work?


Create User

To give points to a user, we need to create a user first. This is an anonymous user in our platform if you create it through the api. So we never save any personal data of you customers. We don’t even receive this data. You only get a user token from us. You can add this token in your database / user to retrieve it and use it to generate transactions.

Create Transactions / add points

How to redeem points

Redeem works exactly the same as create points. You only work with a negative value. So this will redeem 10 points:
"license_plate": "",

License plates

As you may have noticed, on create user of create transaction you see something like ‘license plate’. This is a cool feature for gasstations, parking lots or carwashes. You can simply create a user by sending a license plate number (you obtained with a camera for example). You can now use this license plate to create a user or create a transaction. When you create a transaction with a new license plate, we automatically create a new user.

For example:


"license_plate": "KLM-01-26",


This will create a new user + 1 point.

When you want to retrieve how many points this license plate has, you can do:{promotionID}


Amount: 1

For complete documentation please go to: