Our Customer Loyalty app, named Stampwallet, is a digital wallet for loyalty cards. The physical form of stamp cards is outdated, but still, a lot of companies all over the world are using them. This type of loyalty works well but can be a real pain for customers. They forget their paper card, lose it and can't share it with family members. For merchants, a paper card is easy to use, but you don't have any data about your loyal customers, when they return or a way to contact them. Therefore we created Stampwallet. The perfect step into the digital world for merchants and customers.
A loyalty program for everyone all over the world. Low cost, high value, easy to implement, and free for customers.

Hello World!

Stampwallet is a company founded in 2014 in Curacao, a Caribbean island near the coast of Venezuela. We’re proud winner of the Curacao Innovation Award 2016.  We think of Curacao as the potential tech capital of the Caribbean. We aim for world wide reach and implementation of Stampwallet white labels. Curacao, The Caribbean, Latin America were a great way to begin our journey. And we did! We now work together with companies from all over the world and growing rapidly! We moved back to the Netherlands late 2017. Our HQ is now located in Amsterdam.


Low cost Returning customers Mailchimp add-on Easy to implement Green alternative for printed cards Innovative Build a customer database Loyalty Generate traffic to your business Analyze customer behaviour Free for users Multiple ways to give stamps to your customers Directory for your business Stores Restaurants Gym Bars Horeca Supermarkets B2B